August 1, 2016
Amos Chinodakufa                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Chinoz Productions Inc.

 Indiegogo Campaign Launched for “Extortion”: Your Ultimate Comedy Heist Movie
Author and former child prodigy gets into the movie business.

Amos Chinodakufa has been a writer since the age of 12 and currently has Amos Chinodakufa5 self-published full length novels to his name. However, he has now decided to say goodbye to writing novels
and hello to the Hollywood film industry. His simple explanation for this decision was
that “It’s no secret, people don’t like to read anymore.”

He blames all the cat videos on YouTube and Marvel’s Avengers Superhero movies for destroying our appetite for a good read. But it’s true isn’t it, we just don’t have time for books anymore. “Hence it’s become pretty obvious now that if you have a story to tell, you’ve gotta tell it in High Definition, not text.” He said.

With this in mind, Amos set about creating a storyline for the 1st movie that would launch his career. “I wanted to make an awesome superhero movie” he explained, “but when I drafted the budget I dropped that idea in like 2 seconds. Would have needed at least $100 million just for the costumes alone. So I came up with something even better instead; Extortion.”

Extortion is about two young computer hackers who make a living off credit card fraud. But one day one of their victims manages to track them down and shows up at their doorstep, with a gun in his waist. They plead with him to give them a few days to pay back the money but he grants them only an hour to do so. Not only that, he wants 10 times what they stole and he wants it in bitcoins. They have no choice but to do as he pleases or else face jail time, or even worse, a bullet.

So they quickly start infiltrating various online systems while at the same time also having to deal with the drama of suspicious wives, pregnant girlfriends who are not sure who the father is, nosy neighbours calling in police, an angry brother ready to beat up whoever impregnated his sister, and many other complications, all within that one hour.


They thought he’d never find them.

Amos advised he would serve as the Writer, Director, & Producer for the film, and that money raised from the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign will be used, among other things, to get the best production design and film crew, to market & advertise the movie after it’s made, to do casting for high quality actors, and also to compose / acquire the best music for the film. He has even promised to attend at least 1 film festival in order to sell the movie to a major studio like Disney.

“These studios don’t buy junk, believe me.” He said, “ I’m going to make something beautiful. Hollywood can get away with mediocrity, but first-timers like me cannot. Yes, life is not fair.”


Above is a screenshot of the crowdfunding campaign currently running on Indiegogo. Please contribute and help make this dream a reality. MasterCard, VISA, & PayPal allowed. There are plenty of awesome rewards for backers as well, so you get something for your generosity.

Also check out these awesome videos below.

The lord also had something to say about this.




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